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Blog Title: Things to consider while buying Portable Air Conditioners
What should I look for while Buying a Portable Air Conditioner?
Category: Ductless Heat And Air Conditioning Post By: JESSICA LEWIS (Baltimore, MD), 01/29/2016

While Buying a Portable Air Conditioner, identify the best-performing models. The Power cord, Remote control, Operating modes, On/off timers, Louvres to direct airflow, Cost, Window kit, Noise. Lots of manufacturers don't recommend using an extension cord with your PAC. Likely, the manuals advise against it, and claim that doing so will void your warranty. Portable air conditioners are power consuming, posing an overheating or fire risk. Consider the placement of the portable air conditioner in relation to the strong power socket. Some cords may be too short for your portable ac’s setup. By the remote control you can easily set up automatic modes and timers to make life simple. Operating modes can be set for a targeted temperature and will switched to cooling mode to heating mode for reverse-cycle models as required. The noise is another factor in portable air conditioners, these units can be quite loud and distracting to run while operating, especially if they are on full blast.

- LAWRENCE P (Tampa, FL), 02/16/2016
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