Benefits Of Spiral Duct System

In recent times it seems that spiral ducts have gained popularity mostly due to its energy efficiency. Especially when it comes to industrial and commercial applications the spiral ducts have proven their worth. In fact spiral ducts are a great alternative to the rectangular ducts in several applications. It is true that even now there are several applications that might require rectangular ducts but the advantages of using spiral ducts is a lot more than that of rectangular ducts. So, let us have a look at the many advantages of spiral ducts.

First of all spiral ducts have a better aesthetic appeal than the rectangular ducts. This is because spiral ducts are manufactured in pieces and so there is lesser requirement of seams, stabilizers, and hangers. Thus, with spiral ducts your HVAC unit will not look cumbersome.

Spiral ducts because of its shape improve the overall airflow. This becomes possible because spiral duct produces equal internal pressure which in turn allow even and efficient airflow. HVAC experts are of the opinion that round ducts produce less airflow resistance than the rectangular ducts which in turn lowers the overall energy usage. At the same time, spiral duct has a smooth interior which in turn reduces the loss due to friction as well. Another advantage of spiral ducts is that it reduces the drop in pressure that the airflow experiences while moving through the air ducts. The result is by increasing the airflow efficiency and by lowering the drop in pressure with spiral ducts you can use less expensive air moving units.

There is no denying the fact that along with air ducts, air leakage is another major concern when it comes to air ducts. And when there is air leakage HVAC units will have higher operating cost. With spiral ducts it has been seen that the instances of air leakage could easily be controlled. Thus, preventing the loss of conditioned air through air leakage is another advantage of spiral ducts over rectangular ducts.

With spiral ducts you will also be able to control the problem of noise breakout. This becomes possible because the reverberation created by the difference in pressure in case of the rectangular ducts is absent in the spiral ducts.

When you are installing rectangular ducts you will have to consider some extra space usage for installation while in case of spiral ducts there is no need for you to consider any extra space usage.

Some of the other advantages of spiral ducts include cleanliness and ease of installation. Spiral ducts have lesser gaps. The result is chances of dust, mold, dirt, and other allergens being pulled to the return air is comparatively lesser. In fact, spiral ducts are highly conducive to a safe, healthy, and productive work environment.

Last but not the least, spiral ducts can be installed without any difficulty, one of the primary reason for which it is that it weighs lesser and occupies lesser space.

However, it is recommended irrespective of the kind of ducts that you are installing in your home you should get in touch with an experienced HVAC professional.




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