Central Vs Ductless Split Systems

 When it comes to effectively cooling the home, which is better a central AC or a ductless split? This is a question that is troubling more number of home owners today. Earlier people opted for Central ACs without thinking much. However, today many are considering the ductless split system which can be easily installed without pre-existing ducts. When you are planning to buy either a central system or a ductless split system it is obvious that it will involve quite a lot of investment. Hence, it is important that you research well before you finalize on the decision. Certain factors like the initial cost, the long term scenario and certainly the comfort requirement of the members of the family needs to be considered before taking the final decision. Apparently, you might feel that a central system is the best but you should also consider the features and benefits of the ductless split system.

 Now let us conduct a comparative study of the central system and the ductless split system. First of all it has been observed that ductless split systems are a lot better when it comes to reducing your electricity bill. The reasons are that ducts make a system less efficient and mostly all ducts are old and are periled with leakage problems. Hence, many of the times it is seen that the high efficiency central system that you bought is not functioning efficiently. Besides with ductless split systems you can achieve zoning in your home. This means you can completely shut off rooms where you do not require cooling. When a central air conditioner and a ductless split systems of the same energy rating is compared it is seen that the ductless split system is more efficient.

 As far as ductless systems are concerned they are more flexible than the central systems. With the ductless split systems the indoor air handlers can be installed at any place of your choice. Moreover, you can also limit the hot and the cold air to specific parts of the central which results in greater comfort and low utility bills.

The installation process of the ductless split system is quite simple when compared to the central system. In fact, for ductless split system most of the work gets done before the installation. For example, technicians should determine the right place to mount the indoor unit and they must do proper load calculation to find out if the machine has the required capacity.

Last but not the least, let us sum up the advantages and disadvantages of both these systems in brief.

The advantages of the ductless split system are:

• It has small size and flexibility
• It can be easily installed
• The system does not require any duct work
• It is energy efficient

The disadvantages of the ductless split system are:

• The cost of the system is on the higher side
• The size of the system can be quite tricky at some times
• It can be difficult to find installers of ductless split system

The advantages of the central air conditioning system are:

• It is convenient to use
• It can share the duct with the heating system as well

The disadvantages of the central air conditioning system are:

• It requires duct work
• The cost of installing the system is high
• Central systems can be noisy while they operate



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