Comparing Propane Furnaces And Oil Furnaces

Heating your home adequately is indispensable during the winter season. However, without natural gas as one of the heating option homeowners tend to consider either propane gas or oil furnaces. In fact, when you are replacing your old furnace you might think of switching to a different mode of heating medium but it is seen that homeowners tend to stick to the older medium for their heating needs. When it comes to furnaces using propane gas or oil furnaces, there is an age old debate as in which one is a better source of heating the home. In order to understand the efficacy of one over the other it is important that we do a comparative study of both propane furnaces and oil furnaces.

The most important difference is that oil is a liquid while propane is in a gaseous form. Here it needs to be noted that one must not confuse propane with natural gas. Propane is not a natural gas but it is an extracted product from natural gas. Another important input about propane is that it is similar to gas but it is a better producer of heat.

A prominent advantage of propane is that it burns easily and is more environment friendly than oil. This means burning of propane does not produce carbon dioxide. In fact, propane is known as “clean fuel” by the U.S. government.

Similarly, an advantage of oil furnaces is that oil burns hotter than propane so it heats up faster than propane and used up slowly when compared to propane. Moreover, oil is considered safer as it is not combustible in the air and also oil furnaces do not produce carbon monoxide fumes.

As far as the prices are concerned, oil per gallon is costlier than that of propane per gallon. At the same time, the tank size required for propane is bigger than the size of the tank that is required for oil.

The rating to determine the energy efficiency of both propane furnaces and oil furnaces is Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency percentage (AFUE). Hence, higher the AFUE rating of a furnace more is its efficiency. In fact, HVAC professionals are of the opinion that oil heats the home better than that of furnaces. This is because oil is used up slowly when compared to propane. But the problem of oil furnaces is that they will have a negative impact on the environment which is not the case with propane furnaces.

Another feature that needs to be considered is fuel efficiency of both oil and propane furnaces. Propane furnaces convert a higher amount of fuel into heat when compared to their oil counterparts. In fact, for propane furnaces you can expect a fuel efficiency of around 89 and 98 percent while for oil furnaces the figure will vary between 80 and 90 percent.

Last but not the least, even if you are aware of the features of both these types of furnaces it is always a better idea to get in touch with an HVAC professional who will be able to tell you which heating mode will be best for your home.




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