Portable Air Conditioner Vs Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative cooling is one of the oldest methods of cooling and even today it is a highly sought after method of cooling when compared to traditional air conditioners or portable air conditioners. It is true that these methods are effective and efficient when used properly. However, they are not suitable for all regions. In fact, it is seen that evaporative coolers can be greatly effective in hot and dry climates. It is true that evaporative coolers has many benefits but in order to realize those benefits you need to have a clear idea about the features and benefits and disadvantages of portable or air conditioners.

Let us have a look at the features of evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners one by one. The features of evaporative coolers are the following:

• They are quite economical to operate
• They are highly energy efficient
• They are best used in hot and dry climate
• They offer fresh and clean air
• They have almost no installation cost
• They require very less maintenance
• They have very low carbon dioxide emissions
• They add moisture to the air
• They can operate with windows open
• They have a quite operation

The features of portable air conditioners are the following:

• They have a comparatively high operation cost
• They use higher amount of energy
• They can be effective in all kinds of climate
• They offer recirculated air
• They have a higher installation cost
• They require regular cleaning so that the system functions well
• They have a higher emissions into the air
• They are more effective in a closed area
• They take away moisture from the area where they are operating
• Some of the machines make unpleasant noise while operating

If you feel that as evaporative coolers has lesser carbon footprints it is better to opt for them, you need to consider a few things before buying them.

1. First of all you need to judge the climate of the place where you reside. It is dry and hot, you can opt for evaporative coolers
2. Make a comparative study of evaporative coolers with portable air conditioners in terms of energy savings and cost effectiveness
3. Try to find out the size of the evaporative cooler that you would be needing to cool a particular space
4. Also research what are the different kinds of evaporative coolers available in the market
5. Last but not the least, find out the amount of maintenance the evaporative cooler that you are buying requires

After going through the features of both these systems if you still have confusion and are having difficulty to decide then you can categorically study the advantages and disadvantages of both these systems so that you can easily pick up between the two.

The advantages of a portable air conditioner are:

• It is easy to handle as it can be moved from one place to the other
• They are a must have for places which cannot have a permanent AC installation
• They can be a lot more efficient that central air conditioners as they cool a particular place at a particular point in time
• The portable air conditioners are great for humid climates as they can effectively dehumidify the air

However, the disadvantages are:

• It must be vented with a hose outside
• They can be slightly more expensive than central air conditioners or split-system of the same capacity

Similarly the advantages of the evaporative coolers are:

• They are portable and compact and can be easily moved from one place to the other
• They use far more less electricity than the portable air conditioners
• The portable air conditioners are less expensive to purchase as well as install
• They add good amount of moisture to the air in dry climates and hence fabrics or furniture do not warp or dry out

The disadvantages are:

• They use lot of water for cooling a particular space
• They are best suited only for dry climates because high humidity can cause condensation which in turn might result in corrosion

Last but not the least, while buying portable air conditioners keep in mind that they should be placed near windows as they need to be vented. While opt for evaporative coolers only in areas which are extremely dry.


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