BROOKSTONE Pure-Ion Pro Air Purifier



CLEANER AIR GUARANTEED Helps remove Pollen, Mold, Pet Dander, Dust Mites, Bacteria and Smoke from air that passes through the system. NO FILTERS TO BUY--EVER! Permanent filter washes in dishwasher. WHISPER-QUIET 5 cleaning speeds including Whisper Quiet for bedroom. Uses as little as 10 watts per hour. Breathe easy with a Brookstone Pure-Ion Pro Air Purifier. Compare our Pure-Ion Pro against any other ionic air purifier. It has a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating, removing high numbers of airborne pollutants such as pollen, smoke and dust. Check our CADR scores below against the competition! Pollen: 181 (average) Smoke: 169 (average) Dust: 164 (average) Cleaner air made simple. Pure-Ion Pro is designed for easy use. Just set and forget-a built-in timer lets it operate unattended, cleaning the air in cycles ranging from 2 to 12 hours. Operation is virtually silent, so you can use it while you sleep. A handy indicator lets you know when the filter needs cleaning. And the space-saving design fits in any room. Saves money on filters and electricity. Unlike air purifiers that require costly replacement filters, Pure-Ion Pro has a reusable aluminum filter. Just place it in your dishwasher or under a faucet. No cost, no mess! Pure-Ion Pro uses less than 10 watts of power at whisper speed. Ion Boost mode. Pure-Ion Pro also includes an Ion Boost feature, inspired by reports of lightened mood and mental clarity at many natural environments that are rich in negative ions. Simply press the button, and a stream of negative ions is released to approximate some of the most refreshing and invigorating environments in nature: waterfalls, surfside at the ocean shore or mountains after a cleansing rainstorm. Effective, economical and easy-to-use Four powerful fans are virtually silent-use it while you sleep Built-in timer for set-and-forget operation Dishwasher-safe filter never needs costly replacements (filter dimensions: 21'h x 5.5'w) Fits easily in any room, at 25.5'h x 11.5'd
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Height (in.)25.48
Width (in.)7.61

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