Sagano Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer Inserts By - 2x Extra Large Size - Eliminates Moisture and Odor in Purses and Bags (Medium)



Effectively fight foot odor

Humidity and ‘sweaty feet’ often cause foot odor and stinky shoes. If this is a major problem for you every single day, then this Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer By Sagano is just the right solution for you.

Kill bacteria and keep shoes smelling fresh

Odor-causing bacteria loves to hide and thrive in moist, dark areas such as your shoes, gym bags, gloves, work boots, luggage, and other similar places. Once microbes start to flourish, the next thing you know is you're gagging from a very offensive smell. Inserting two activated carbon shoe deodorizer packets in your shoes every day when unused will help stop moisture. That is an effective odor removal method to help prevent microbial growth even before they attack your belongings.

Best value for your money

Click the ADD TO CART now and get the best deal on the Sagano Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizer. You can always count on this odor eliminator to save your feet from bacteria and give you confidence in wearing your shoes all the time.

  • KEEP SHOES FRESH AND DRY: By inserting one of these Activated Carbon deodorizer bags in your shoes, you can keep your old or new shoes dry and free from unpleasant smell. By doing this easy odor removal method, you be assured that you won't be dealing with nasty foot odor next time you wear your shoes.
  • ELIMINATE MOISTURE AND ODOR: This activated charcoal shoe odor remover works on preventing and eliminating the main cause of bad odor - moisture. By absorbing the wetness and neutralizing the air humidity in your shoes, gloves, gym bags, boots, luggage, and other smelly items, odor-causing microbes have no place to survive. Therefore your shoes will stay clean and fresh all the time.
  • ENJOY FRESHER AND CLEANER AIR: Activated charcoal is a highly porous deodorizing material that has a powerful ability to attract, adsorb, and remove not only unpleasant smells but also other impurities in the air. So you will not only get rid of stink, but you'll also improve air quality.
  • CHEMICAL-FREE: This shoe odor eliminator is made from pure activated charcoal. It's free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not fully satisfied with the results of this product, you may return your item and we'll give you a refund with no questions asked! So click on the 'Add to Cart' button now and start wearing cleaner, fresher shoes every time!
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