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Blog Title: should you buy a more expensive ptac unit
The next larger PTAC is only $50 more. I’d rather have more than enough capacity for those extremely hot, humid days. Should I go for it?
Category: Water Air Coolers Post By: APRIL OLIVER (Emerson, CA), 04/06/2015

NO. It’s important to never oversize any air conditioning product. Those extremely hot days occur a couple times per year. It’s better to size your unit for typical operation. A byproduct of the cooling mode is dehumidification. The right balance of temperature and humidity creates the most comfortable environment. If you oversize your PTAC unit, it will quickly match your temperature set point, but will not run long enough to dehumidify. The result is a cool, damp environment, similar to a basement. Under sizing your PTAC will allow it to run longer and dehumidify more. This will result in a more comfortable environment.

- JOANN MAY (Sneedville, CA), 04/11/2015
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