Under Floor Radiant Heating Vs Conventional Heating

As winter approaches homeowners start thinking of effective ways so that they can keep themselves comfortable during the winter season. When it comes to heating your homes, the options are many like furnaces, heat pumps, and others. In recent times, radiant floor heating has become quite common. However, you might be wondering what factors have made radiant floor heating a preferred form of heating homes when compared to the conventional methods. But before, we explore the features of radiant floor heating we need to understand the basics of radiant floor heating. Radiant heating directly supplies heat to floor, panels in the wall or ceiling of a home. This form of heating typically works with the principle of radiation.

As per the U.S Department of Energy radiant floor heating has more number of advantages when compared to other forms of heating. This is because radiant floor heating is more efficient and more flexible than other forms of heating. In fact, this form of heating is also more comfortable than the other forms of heating. There are several factors that make radiant floor heating more effective than traditional forms of heating. First of all, radiant floor heating ensures even distribution of heat. As radiant floor heating distributes even heat throughout a room one will tend to feel more comfortable when exposed to radiant heat.

In a radiant floor heating the entire floor is converted into a large surface area which heats the lower half of the room. This in turn creates a comfortable environment for the homeowners when radiant floor heating is installed. The best thing about radiant floor heating is that it creates a temperature that is lower than the temperature that is created by the conventional modes of heating. Conventional modes of heating on the other hand heats the air that circulates in the room and the result is that the system needs to operate for a longer period of time thereby increasing the costs of heating a home.

Another effective way of increasing the efficiency of radiant floor heating is to combine it with a smart thermostat. The benefit of introducing a thermostat is that it ensures that all the rooms are set at the right temperature and the homeowners feel comfortable when they are inside.

One of the primary reasons as to why radiant floor heating is more energy efficient is because you are not heating the ceiling and the temperature can be controlled exactly as per requirement. Moreover, with radiant floor heating you will be able to heat only those rooms which you want thereby preventing unnecessary wastage of energy.

However, it needs to be mentioned here that radiant floor heating is more suitable for a small house but in case of homes with bigger rooms forced heating might be a better option. In fact, it might use more energy. Hence, when you are planning to install radiant floor heating for your home it is better that you take advice from expert HVAC professionals. The result of choosing your heating system properly is that you will feel comfortable and at the same time you will not have to experience unnecessary wastage of energy.




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