Window Vs Wall AC's

Irrespective of the kind of air conditioner you are installing it actually helps you stay comfortable when the temperatures start soaring outside. Whether it is a window AC or a wall AC, your bedroom or living room or even office premises can stay cool. Hence, many consumers are utterly confused while they have decided to buy air conditioners for their rooms. However, such confusion can be avoided if you have planned well before hand and are aware of the pros and cons of each of these ACs. One should keep in mind that both the appliances are suitable based on conditions and lifestyle. Only after the requirements are set it is easier to compare between the two.

It must be noted here that both window and wall air conditioners are more cost effective when compared to central air conditioners. However, each of these system has some features different from one another which in turn makes one of them better than the other. For instance, as wall air conditioners are permanently sealed into the walls the chances of cold air leaking out of the room and warm air leaking into the room is very less. As wall air conditioners are permanent fixtures the chances of leakage are almost negligible. However, at the same time one must keep in mind that opening needs to be created into the walls and so installation of wall air conditioners is quite a complex task that requires professional intervention. In fact, sometimes installation of wall air conditioners are not allowed in rental properties.

On the other hand window ACs can be easily installed as they fit right into an existing window and may not even require professional help. As Window ACs are easy to install the installation cost of these appliances are also reasonable. There are different kinds of window air conditioners available which can fit in both vertical and horizontal windows. However, it is recommended that while you go to a store to buy window AC it is best to take accurate measurements of your window along with you.

A wall AC comprises two parts the outdoor unit and the indoor unit while the window air conditioner has all components into a single cuboid unit. Thus, when it comes to space it is obvious that wall air conditioners require more space than the window systems. However, in case both these appliances you need to keep in mind that the outside unit should be placed in a well-ventilated space. If that is not the case, the air conditioner will strive hard to give you effective cooling.

Another thing which is of prime importance in the recent years is the aesthetics of the room. As far as wall air conditioners are concerned they look better than the window air conditioners. This is because with window ACs you will have to block major part of your window thus preventing sunlight from entering your home.

The noise level in case of wall air conditioner is less because the compressor is located outside the room. Whereas window ACs make enough noise to disturb your sleep.

Last but not the least, irrespective of the kind of air conditioner you are installing in your home or office ensure that the installation process is done perfectly. Without proper installation you will not receive the desirable amount of cooling.




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